Charly’s Words at 18 mon

The first word you said was “fan” because you loved the ceiling fan in our bedroom. I think you said it 4-5 times over two days and then never said it again. That was in the early days…check your baby book. 

It’s been like that for many of your sounds. You say them once or twice…or many times in a short period…and then you seem to forget them entirely. I don’t think you’ve made the “f” sound since then. Like 6 months ago!

Like when you used to say,  “Wahareyoudoeh?” (What are you doing?) and “Look!” What happened to those? 

And “bus” you’ve said a couple times after me but never on your own accord. You’ve said a lot of words one time after us and then never again. Like “tee wee”. 

Exceptions to that are Mama, Dada and Ehwinno, now Elino(r)…which I’m pretty sure is your favorite (person and word) although mama and dad’s are close behind. 

Right now that “l” is barely there, but it’s coming. 

Oh, and “downtown”. What’s up with that? “Downtown” means downstairs…and upstairs. 

You also say “Down” which means down…and up. “On” means on…and off…but you pronounce it “an” (so cute).

You say “ado” (hello) when holding any phone to your ear, playing peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek or sometimes when making a connection (eye contact). 

Of course, you say “No”…a lot…with a lot of different inflections to demonstrate your meaning. Even though you clearly mean it sometimes, you clearly don’t mean it others…like when we ask if you want something and you say no, so we take it away and you freak out. 

You say “ow”…which means hot as well as ow, that hurts. And “uh-oh” when you throw food on the floor (Note: your SISTER never threw HER food on the floor…What is wrong with you?!) and whenever anyone drops anything. 

You say “Gone” when all your food is gone and “Done” after you are done eating. You sign “Done” at the same time…to emphasize your frustration with us…like, get me out of this chair already!!

When you really love something, you will sign “more”…but only if it’s awesome…otherwise, you can’t be bothered, even when we ask…or maybe you don’t get that we are asking and think we are telling? 

You signed it over and over again when Dada zipped you up in a duffle bag and swung you around the living room. You also sign it every time you are on the swings at the playground. 

You nod for “yes” but never say it. 

And you do a LOT of pointing at things with a demanding grunt. Translation “I want that now!”

You point to your head to sign “helmet” (without a grunt), cuz you really like them. You first wore Elinor’s to “ride” her bike. Dada pushed you around on it. And all the big kids wear them when riding bikes and scooters, so they are totally cool. You wear your’s around the house and in the bike trailer, which you love riding in. You also like watching the hockey players wear them on the ice. Helmets are the best!

You also sign “thank you” when asked and of your own volition. 

And you wave hello and bye bye…for extended periods of time to anyone you think is interesting. Also, totally cute. 

You’ve also just lately started making sound effects for things. 

For dogs and squirrels, you make a whining sound (uh, uh, uh)…which just might be you being excited…who knows? 

Sometimes cats get a “mow”, sometimes cows get a “moo”, one time chickens got a “baw baw”, and last night you made the sound of running water to ask me to fill your baby’s bottle in the sink. LOL!

Oh, and I forgot “num num” or “num na” which means food, drink, hungry, and thirsty (incl mama milk), and “Num” which means yummy. 

And “baba” which means “baby” now but might have been your name for a while there.  

Wow…I didn’t realize it before writing it all down here…you know a lot of words!


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