Tomorrow, we are giving away our Dora kitty. My heart is broken over it, disappointed that things aren’t different, wishing we could find a way to make it work. I’m hoping she will find a new loving home where she gets the care and attention she deserves. No more fighting with Coco and the neighbour cats. No more hostility from everyone around her. A home all her own, hopefully, with someone who smokes. That is my wish for Dora.

I will miss her quirky furlishousness. I love watching her sleep all upside-down. I won’t miss her kneading me with her claws, forever moving closer to get in range for her nippy love bites…but the loving energy behind that, sure. And her loud purr and her cutest of cute meow. I need to record that one. 

I wish I didn’t have to reject her attentions. Three weeks ago, she jumped on my back while I was gardening, thinking it a good place to perch. Three times! Persistent little thing is Dora. Two weeks ago, she climbed on the back of my chair and slid down on to my neck to rub herself all in to my hair. Even though she usually makes me itchy, I thoroughly enjoyed that one.

Around the same time, she brought a dead bird in the house (again!) and lay it at the entrance to Elinor’s room, clearly stating whose cat she belongs to.

I am so sorry, E, that we are sending your kitty away. She has been so good to you, letting you pick her up and cart her around. Sitting still while you built forts around and over her. Trying to teach you boundaries with growls and, when push comes to shove, scratches. She lets us hug her. I thought all cats hated hugs. I love how she lets you get close to her, even though you are a holy terror to her. It just goes to show how loving she is and how needing of love. (To be fair, you are also loving and gentle with her). I think the characteristic you both share and appreciate in each other most is curiosity. It’s been so fun watching you grow with her.

Tonight, you told me that you want to make her a card to take with her tomorrow, with sparkles all over it, that says, “Goodbye, Dora. I will miss you so much!” You say you won’t forget her because you’ve got lots of pictures and videos of her. I won’t forget her either. And, I hope she doesn’t forget us. Especially the loving parts. 


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