Annoying kids

When we were kids (Uncle Tim and I), we used to go on a lot of road trips…mostly to and from the farm in Saskatchewan. I don’t remember at what age(s) they did this…maybe 5 or 7 or 10…but I remember actually liking it when I was older (and I was more confident that they wouldn’t really leave us behind). What did they do?

They kicked us out of the truck on the side of the highway and told us to run behind it…and for motivation…that we’d better keep up or they’d leave us behind. And we sort of believed them, given how annoying we were. 

So there we were, running our hearts out on the side of the highway, dad trolling the truck in front of us. And just as we got close, he’d take off again. I can still see the camper door opening and closing as dad drove and mom watched us from the back. My eyes were glued to the bumper and the tail lights, going on and off, gauging the distance. 

I remember loving the freedom of running, finally moving my body after being cramped up for so long. I also remember Tim or I crying one or more times, thinking we’d never catch up…the truck too far ahead or the game gone on too long.

(If you are worrying about our safety from traffic, I don’t think there was any. Just bright hot sun on the pavement and gravel under our shoes.)

As a parent of a four year old, I can truly appreciate the fantasy of driving off without her…and her need to run!! And it worked for us (besides the fear part). I don’t remember but we may have even fallen asleep after that. Do you remember mom?


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