Mommy’s Post-Birth Regime

When Charlize was born, Mommy had a cold, a baby and an episiotomy. To help get better, during the first two weeks she did the following:

For her cold/to rehydrate/build blood:

Homeopathic cough and cold remedy before bed

Elderberry syrup with meals (3x/day)

LOTS of water, mothers milk tea, juice

“Liquid gold” (chicken stock with Chinese herbs) daily

A humidifier for sleeping

Sea salt in Neti pot when showering
LOTS of lip balm

For her healing body:

Alternating Tylenol (1g) and Advil (400mg), every 2hrs

Arnica (200ch) every 3hrs

Liquid iron with a glass of OJ twice a day

Stool softener (2 pills) twice a day

Dried placenta (2 pills) with meals (3x/day)

Regular vitamins: prenatal with meals (3x/day), B Complex, D, probiotic, omega 3 oil

Perenium rinse with calendula oil and witch hazel for cleaning after (no wiping!!)

Above rinse (3 tbsp) saturating sanitary pads then frozen to create perenium ice packs – applied every couple hours or whenever sitting’s required 

Sitz bath with perenium herb mix and ~ 1 cup of Epsom salt daily


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