Thursday with Grandma Gwen (Jan 16, 2014)

Elly: First thing, Elly played with her new bug stickers she got for Christmas from Auntie Ruth. She shone a light on them so when she took them in the bedroom they glowed.

Then she played ‘chase the red light’ with Dora and Cocoa.

We read a story about a Mole Digging a Hole. Elly wore her big pink snow pants because she was cold. And she counted all the butterflies, and parrots and carrots, and storks with forks, and doves with gloves, and bees cutting trees.

After that we played with paint brushes and Elly painted my face. And we painted stars and rainbows, and clouds and hearts. And Elly painted her pants and her slippers and her feet.

And we ate cheese and gra-PUH-s (puffing air on each other’s cheeks). And then Elly turned on her flashlight and then turned it off.

Before all that we washed our hands at Elly’s little kitchen sink.

Then Elly noticed Dora was scratching Daddy’s bed so Elly growled at her and Dora stopped. It was a fierce growl.

After that we got a broom out and we got Elly’s jellyfish out from under Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

Then the snake, and the bunnies, the spider, the frogs, the beluga, Elly’s bunny and bear, and Mummy’s Ox went to bed for the winter.

And then we had tea and drank our tea with spoons.

And Elly said you can’t put nuts on your tea saucer, that’s where you put your teacup.

And then the sun came out and the bunnies hopped out and the frogs hopped and the bear, and the beluga, and Ox and the spider. And the then they went back to bed cause it’s winter and they lived happily ever after. Elly said…”happily ever after”.

Then we had more tea and ran the bathtub.

And Elly touched the ceiling and her, “belly, belly, belly”.

And then we had a bath and Elly made happy faces on the wall, one for Mommy, one for Daddy, one for Grandma and one for Elly; and she made a waterfall with the wash cloth.

Then Elly put on a dress because her shirt was wet. And she says she looks like a pot. I think she looks very pretty.

We were hungry after all that so Elly had noodles and broccoli. Grandma had borscht and crackers. Elly wasn’t very hungry after all.

After dinner we took the bunny puppets and the spider puppet into bed for a nap. And Elly shooed Dora off the pillow so we could lie down.

After our nap, Elly had a pancake and syrup and whipped cream and grandma had Moka Mediterranean yogurt.

And Elly said, “It’s nice to see you, Grandma, and she came over and gave me a GREAT BIG HUG and then she said, “Gra-PUH”.

And then Elly took out the tea set and we put water in the pot. And then Elly said, “I don’t want to have tea, I want to play stickers. Her sticker book had special places to put each of the stickers. She put in the centipede and the wood louse, all the butterflies and a helicopter.  Her favorite butterfly was the pretty yellow one.

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