Mommy’s Easter Tradition

Easter Time Elly & Daddy in the backyard, Easter 2012

In Mommy’s family, we always colored eggs at Easter on Sunday. I remember putting them in tea cups filled with food coloring and boiling water and fishing them out with a spoon. Sometimes we stuck them in more than one color and they came out kind of blacky-brown. Other times, I’d hold them in there with my fingers, half in and half out, so I could get eggs with two colors on them. After that, we’d color them with crayons. Sometimes we colored with crayons first.

The best part of coloring eggs was the game we played after all the eggs were colored, called “pick”ing. This game was a tradition that came from Grandpa Mack’s family. We would play it each time we ate the colored eggs, until all the eggs had been eaten (over a few days).

To “pick” eggs,

1) each person chose their champion egg and the end of the egg they wish to compete with
2) whoever was most confident took the end of his or her egg and smashed it on to the end of another person’s egg (causing one of the egg ends to crack)
3) the egg that was cracked was then flipped over and the champion egg was smashed in to it (using the original end – no flipping for winners)
4) at this point you would either have a definite losing egg or a tie
– if both ends were smashed, you were out
– if you were smashing and you lost, you’d have to flip and get smashed
5) when you had won a competition, you took on another opponent until there was only one egg (or egg end) left uncracked = the winner!!

At the end of this game, we pulled off all the shells and put them them all together in a pile or a bowl. We ate the eggs with our fingers, occasionally sprinkling salt on the yokes – yum!

To this day, there are many theories as the best shape of egg end for winning this game 🙂


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