Your Norwegian Grandma’s Lefsa Recipes

2 cup riced potatoes
2 cup flour (1 cup flour)
1/2 tsp salt (omit)
4 tbsp milk (omit)
4 tbsp melted butter

1. Rice or mash potatoes while they are still warm. Cover with a tea towel and cool before mixing.

2. Combine ingredients ensuring you loosely measure riced potatoes (don’t pack). Knead a few times and cut in to four pieces (one for each cake).

3. Using a large rolling pin (traditionally, you use a corrugated rolling pin), roll cakes out on lightly floured surface until very (and evenly) thin – as thin as you can handle (when you start to see the colour of the rolling surface). Ensure both sides are floured but there is no extra flour on the cake (use basting brush to brush off excess flour). I flip the cake about half way through rolling to get them even.

4. Fry dry (no oil/butter) on a large electric frying pan at 380 F (or 450 F) until lightly brown. Pop any bubbles with a fork. Because they easily break apart, you may want to use a Lefsa stick to flip the cakes. Dust off the pan and each cake after cooking.

5. Stack like pancakes and cover with a tea towel to let cool.

6. Serve hot or cold, garnished with butter/brown sugar/cinnamon or raspberry jam. Roll like a crepe and just try not to eat it before it hits your plate.

7. Pack 4 – 5 in ziplock to freeze.


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