Aunty Sherry Rocked This One

The poor old slave has gone to rest beneath the willow tree, tree, tree.
His bones now lie beneath the sky way down in Tennessee, see, see.

The pee-or old slee-ave has gee-one to ree-est be-nee-eath the wee-illow tree, tree, tree.
His bee-ones now lee-ie be-nee-eath the skee-y way dee-own in Tee-ennessee, see see.

The pickety-poor old slickety-slave has gickety-gone to rickety-rest be-nickety-neath the wickety-willow tree, tree, tree.
His bickety-bones now lickety-lie be-nickety-neath the skickety-sky way dickety-down in Tickety-Tenneessee, see, see.

The pickety-packety-poor old slickety-slackety-slave has gickety-gackety-gone to rickety-rackety-rest be-nickety-nackety-neath the wickety-wackety-willow tree, tree, tree.
His bickety-backety-bones now lickety-lackety-lie be-nickety-nackety-neath the skickety-skatety-sky way dickety-dackety-down in Tickety-Tackety-Tenneessee, see, see.

The pickety-packety-pee-poor old slickety-slackety-slee-slave has gickety-gackety-gee-gone to rickety-rackety-ree-rest be-nickety-nackety-nee-neath the wickety-wackety-wee-willow tree, tree, tree.
His bickety-backety-bee-bones now lickety-lackety-lee-lie be-nickety-nackety-nee-neath the skickety-skatety-skee-sky way dickety-dackety-dee-down in Tickety-Tackety-Tee-enneessee, see, see.


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